Top 5 Off Page SEO Trends and Techniques of 2016

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We all are living in a digital world which is so fast and changing at fast speed everyday. So we need to get ourselves updated with the latest trends and techniques evolving around us. Being an SEO professional, one should need to understand that importance of SEO techniques varies from time to time. The changes occurs depending on the latest Google algorithm updates including certain other ranking factors. That is why you need to focus on the trendy SEO techniques in order to achieve fruitful results. As far as Off page SEO is concerned, there are various off page optimization techniques used by SEO professionals. However, if you talk about top 5 off page SEO trends & techniques in 2016 then you need to consider following mentioned off page tasks:

Guest Posting on Niche Partner Sites

Guest posting is a well known activity. Eevery SEO professional use it because it provides you highly authentic backlinks towards your domain. Along with Backlinks this techniques also give you a better opportunity to market your content. This will also help you to make your blogger profile better and known among people. In this technique you need to outreach other relevant websites which have high domain authority. On high DA blogs you can submit a guest post having good quality content including a backlink with your targeted keywords.

Forum Posting on Communities

Forums are highly popular among the users nowadays just like Quora community. So posting on forum submission sites is a great way to get traffic towards your site. Apart from web traffic when you post on forums then you can get a chance to avail a backlink towards your domain and the best part of working on these forums platforms is that there are several forums which allow Dofollow backlink opportunity for your domain which is the most important factor to get your keyword rank up on search engine and will also help to improve the domain authority of your website.

Guestographics Posting on Relevant Theme Sites

This is a new word and technique that many SEO experts are using. As we all know that visual content always attract users and can be highly beneficial if it is very clear and up to the point. Guestographics posting is just similar to guest posting where you need to approach partner websites relevant to your business theme and can ask them to use your infographics within their content. This infographics posting can include a well crafted infographic along with a descriptive content containing a backlink to your domain.

Blog Marketing Via Distribution & Commenting

Blog Commenting
Blog marketing is also an important off page SEO weapon which can be performed in two different ways. These two ways of doing it are defined below:

  • First Way: The first way of doing it to just post regular blogs on your own website including essential internal links and then start promoting it over all social media channels along with other social bookmarking platforms. This will help to boost your direct, social as well as referral traffic towards your domain.

  • The second: of blog marketing is termed as blog commenting in which you work on the process of posting highly relevant comments on different/various blogs which are related to the same niche of your blog. This way of blog commenting allow you to add a short content along with the anchor backlink in the comments block of the blog. Your submitted links can be nofollow or dofollow which depends on the blog website. If it is dofollow link then you can get a good link juice from there and can see great improvement on your targeted keywords because if they are dofollow links then these links will be crawled during the search engines crawling process, pointing those links towards your site along with getting your keyword rank up .

Brand Management Through Business Listing

Business listing is an important part of off page SEO. This helps you in building your brand among your targeted audience. When you list your website on highly reputed business listing website then you can easily build your brand and manage the online reputation of your business. This is extremely helpful technique for brand awareness which enhance the brand persona of your business among your targeted audience.


I wrote these techniques and I tried to express my personal experience that helped me to get good results for my business. May be some other SEO experts have different opinion about these 5 top off page SEO techniques. So, We welcome other SEO professionals too to share their experience with us and others to enhance SEO skills. Your suggestions are welcome under comment section.

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