Some Common Myths and Facts about VoIP

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The most revolutionary and trending development in the field of telephone systems in recent years is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). With an increasing trend in the VoIP networking system, many service providers are delivering these services with different pricing and offer in terms of its set-up, guarantee, and networking.

You may check and compare the VoIP price with market, their quality, and efficiency at ReviewVoip in order to find a suitable network for your use. Where growing use of VoIP has made it popular, people tend to get confused and start believing in several myths which have also risen with its popularity. Below are some of the common myths which have been busted and proved that they are indeed just myths and not reality.

1. Myth: You have to be some Techno-God to use this kind of service.

Fact: With the launch of any new technology, it is very common that people can get hesitant to use them. It is their belief that they are not capable of handling these gadgets and that they would get confused and eventually embarrass themselves. It is much like the time when mobile phones were a new thing. People who were initially reluctant to buy them are the ones who have not only embraced them but are now most addicted to their mobile phones.

2. Myth: These networks are good only for the big companies and organizations.

Fact: Irrespective of the size of your business, VoIP has benefits for every type of organization. Whether you have a company with 100 employees or 10 employees, it serves the same purpose with minimal costing and efficiency. VoIP networking offers a call routing system (PBX) which can handle from 1-2 calls to 100 calls simultaneously. This ensures a smooth networking and communication system throughout the organization.

3. Myth: The process of their installation can be very messy, tiresome and confusing.

Fact: The process of installation is handled by your service provider. Your job is just to do the research and choose the best types of service provider for yourself and the rest of the job is the responsibility of the company. Choosing the best VoIP company will help you enjoy all the services and benefits without any hassles and difficulties.

4. Myth: They are insecure and can be hacked easily.

Fact: If you keep thinking that your calls might get intercepted or hacked, you may then also worry about your emails, messengers, banking details and other important information which are all available on the internet which is connected to broadband. Just like your other internet services, VoIP needs to be protected with various security techniques and software.

5. Myth: Their sound quality is not that good and can deviate at times.

Fact: While technology is improving day by day, there is no need to worry. You should not just drop the idea of hiring the VoIP service just because you are not aware of the technology that is being provided to enhance the quality of sound and overall system of your network service. Use of IP phones has also resulted in improving the conversation quality, no matter what the call distance is.

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