Smartphone Apps take the center stage, sideline Mobile Web

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Mobile applications have become the norm for the GenNxt. People often use the apps on their smartphones as it makes things easier. They provide the user a different level of experience, as they are captivating and entertaining. 70 percent of the population owns a smartphone and uses the apps available in it. It gets an individual’s work done within a snap of fingers.People spend almost 85 percent of the time on their smartphones and the mobile apps. It has become the prominent factor for the people in their everyday life. If, mobile apps are occupying the time, we need to consider the mobile web as well. The mobile apps have sidelined the mobile web; only 10 percent of the time spent by the users is on the mobile websites.

Tech gigs are developing the apps consistently and there is a constant update for the apps. Mobile apps are designed in such a way that they are helping the consumers. The business people are developing mobile apps, so as to serve people better. Smartphones have become the prized possession with the youngsters and we cannot deny this fact.

Mobile web has started to diminish with the growing love towards the mobile apps. We cannot predict that whether mobile websites exist or start to become obsolete. The mobile web may seem to be not as interesting the mobile apps. But, it does have its own benefits and people still do use it. It is not as prominent as the apps are, but to some extent they are still in the vogue.

Mobile Web for Comprehensive purpose

In a mobile website, we have the possibility to access anything we want. All the information we need is available for us on the web. We can search for specific contents or anything in general, there is no restriction. Designing a website should be compatible with the smartphones as well. Only then it will bring more traffic towards to the website.

Now, everyone is accessing their smartphones to search anything online or to browse. These websites are easily accessible and serve the right purpose to the users. The best thing about a mobile website is that they are compatible across all the devices. Mobile apps may not be compatible across all the smartphones, as they are designed with specifications.

Mobile Web with Better Search Mode

Mobile websites need not be updated from time to time or make any drastic changes. The changes which a mobile website requires would be minimal and may not be major. It can be updated easily, if it is the content which needs to be updated. We can share information across websites with the users or the developers of the content.

The websites have a greater reach amongst the public, as they are available as hyperlinks on the search engines. If, we want to research there are many websites to access and get the required details. They are always available for the users; a website cannot be removed or erased from any device. It does not consume any physical space on a mobile phone.

We can just search what we need from the website and once we are done with, we can leave the website. It will not create any kind of junk files or occupy the space on our phones. It may seem that the mobile websites are going out of vogue. But, that is not the fact, as there are people who still want to use mobile websites.

Mobile App for Specifications

Mobile Apps are developed by the tech gigs to serve a particular purpose. If, a user wants to do only a specific task on their respective smartphone. Then, using a mobile app would be the best option for anyone. The statistics state that there are around 1.7 million Android apps and 1.6 million iOS apps.

There is an App available for each and everything we do on a regular basis. If, we want to hail a cab to commute to a particular destination, then a mobile app would do that for us; just tap on to the mobile app. As it would be a tedious task to search for a cab on a mobile website. Gaming apps, these are the most engaging and entertaining for the people from today’s world.

Developing applications for smartphones and smart digital devices have become the current trend of business. So, we need to design and develop the apps in such a way that, it consumes less space and provides a great user experience. To use a mobile website we need to have internet connection. Only a few exceptional mobile apps need internet connection. The rest of the apps do the work without the internet connection and provide a greater user experience.

Mobile Apps Sidelining Mobile Web

It is a proven fact that the usage of the mobile apps is increasing invariably and everybody is swooned by it. The top brands have been able to incur huge amounts of revenue with the help of the mobile apps. With the trending generation, every one of us is buying things online. Each business has started to have its own mobile app for the business to reach the customers and provide better services.

While, there are lots of small company start ups and apps for the respective ones. We should know whether the people would like to have our apps on their smartphones. The mobile apps have to be captivating and make the users to stay on it and not switching from one to another. Even worse, uninstall the complete app out of their mobile phone, as they think it is unnecessarily occupying space and is of no use.

Prominent Apps with Excessive usage

Social networking, gaming and entertainment apps are the ones which keeps the users glued to their phones. There are millions of apps available for us to use. Right from playing games, hailing a cab, ordering food, health, fitness and much more. People tend to use only the most popular ones amongst all the other existing apps. The time spent on the non native apps is a whopping 84 percent.

The prominent apps which are used by the people may differ from person to person. But, it is evident that people often use the social media apps and instant messaging apps. Gaming apps come as the second most frequented apps by the users. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pokémon Go, and Clash of Clans are the frequently used apps by the people worldwide.

In Conclusion

It is hard to imagine a world where there are no smartphones and mobile applications to accompany it. Smartphones have come to the existence in past one decade, but it has created a storm in the technology industry. Business is now done with the help of these mobile apps. The highest amounts of revenue incurred by the big companies are with these mobile apps.

An application should have a design which is fascinating and the performance should be great. If these are available in the mobile apps then we can say that, it is easy to use and navigate through. The smartphones come with their own native apps and there are apps which we can find on the Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

50 percent of the users claim that the app’s performance has to be at its best. While, the others have a neutral response or it doesn’t matter to them until the apps serve the purpose for what it is made? In a survey taken, around 48 percent of the users state that, if, the app performance is not good they would stop using it or uninstall it for their phones.

The web is the place where most of us are spending our time and the mobile apps as well. It is designed to reach the masses and engage them and continue to use it as well. Mobile apps are here to stay and the usage is going to grow, to reach newer heights. But, on the flip side of the Mobile web is not going to get replaced by these apps, they will remain in the top and stay in the vogue.

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