Simple Hacks to Get Traffic from Google Plus

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Social Media has always been the best way to drive traffic to websites and blogs. As you may know that facebook and pinterest are the best referrer of quality traffic to your website and blogs. We almost forgot to use Google Plus but the fact is Google Plus has grown to 250 Million dedicated users. Google Plus has overtaken LinkedIN in year 2014 in terms of referring traffic to websites. Google Plus is now giving competition to pinterest in terms of referring traffic to website and blogs.

It has been one of the most preferred way of driving traffic to marketer rather than common people. I have been using Google Plus from last 2 years and many times it has been the 2nd best referrer for me. The first referrer has always been facebook.

Below I have written some hacks which you can use to get traffic from google plus. I recommend you to try these hacks and you’ll not be disappointed with the results.

So, let’s get started with getting traffic from Google plus :

#1. Create Attractive Posts which Approach Your Viewer to Your Blog or Site

Create Attractive Posts which Approach Your Viewer to Your Blog or Site

Google Plus is among few social networks which allows you to customize your content. Now it’s over to you how you make it look more catchy and enhance readability. A well formatted post will easily attract people of it’s interest. Google Plus lets you do your text Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike-through, Number List and Bullet points. These options are well enough to make a attractive post. This is really a veru helpful way of getting traffic from google plus.

Here is a cheat sheet by Moz about formatting of a Google+ post.

Here is a cheat sheet by Moz about formatting of a Google+ post.

How to Use Google Plus Formatting to get better results :

  • Use Bold Headlines to mark your post headline.
  • To give preview of the post you can use Italicize option.
  • Mention things in bullet points instead of a paragraph.
  • You can also use Bold text as CTAs.

#2. Increase Visibility and Validity of Your Google Plus Post

Increase Visibility and Validity of Your Google Plus Post

Above image is the view from a car in winters. The visibility is very low as you can see. To drive better and get fast travel towards the destination a car needs higher visibility. For higher visibility you need to add Fog Lights to the car. Just like this to get better visibility and better reach you need #tags in your google plus posts. You might have used best images but you still ended up fail. #tags in every social media post increases its reach, visibility and validity. #tags is also a factor for higher traffic.

Well if you don’t have any idea what #tags to use, then you can easily get suggestions from google plus. Just write # and then enter a few alphabets about your related topic. You will get accurate suggestions.

#3. Increase Your Engagement on Google Plus

Increase Your Engagement on Google Plus - traffic from google plus


Google plus is full of minded, dedicated people and businesses. You can engage with really interesting people over Google plus. A lot of brands uses google plus to engage with their fans and consumers to have feedback and suggestions. You need to explore the way to write posts. You need to write the posts in such a way so that even strangers will look at it. So, below are some strategies which works :

(A). Bring Variety to Your Posts

Google Plus have various options to post updates on profiles. You can use images, videos, links, simple text and more on google plus profile to engage with people. You can also post animated gifs which is a proven way of getting engagement. Post questions and posts to start a conversation with people.

(B). Post at Right time to Get Maximum Reach and Engagement

Timing is one of the most important factor. It applies to all social media networks and everything in this world. Doing things of time drives better results always. Different networks have different timings. So google plus too have different post timing. You can use IFTTT tools to schedule posts on google plus.

Here are the best and worst timings to post on google plus.

Post at Right time to Get Maximum Reach and Engagement

#4. Join Communities for Massive Exposure

Google Plus Communities

Just like facebook groups, google plus has their own communities. You can easily join communities on google plus. Many of the communities on google plus has over 200k members. So, these kind of communities can drive crazy traffic to your blog or site. just remember that content needs to be awesome.

#5. Collections can Give you some True fans

Google Plus Collections

Google Plus Collections are also very good thing to get some real fans and regular traffic. This is something similar to Pinterest boards. This collection features is really very helpful in gaining followers. If you are posting unique content regularly the you will definitely get some true followers and fans. this will help you in getting regular and returning traffic from some specific people.

So start now and go to without loosing your focus. Show your dedication and hard work and get crazy traffic in return. Hope you like these ways to get traffic from google plus. Please share it with your friends and comment down if you have any question or comment about it.


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Joseph Chikeleze
Joseph Chikeleze

Wow, I grabbed the hints. Thanks for updating this post. I can apply these to get more PV from Google+


I also maintaing my google plus page but i do not know .how to engage traffic from it ….. Thanks for sharing this information…