How to Remove Bloatware from Android Devices ?

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Buying a new smartphone is quite exciting. But what really annoys is the pre-installed apps and games that you doesn’t interest you. The pre-installed apps consume too much memory of the smartphone and what really infuriates is, they cannot be uninstalled. Technically known as bloatware, they simply aim to be advertised on your phone by cluttering up the system and draining your phone battery by running in the background. Since bloatware cannot be normally uninstalled, there are still a few techniques which will help you eliminate them, which I am going to state today.

What exactly is Bloatware?

Bloatware is not actually developed with the Android phone, but the mobile carriers and handset manufacturers have benefited the most out of it. They started offering the bonus applications and games for advertisement purpose, where some of them are offered in a trial version. After using for a certain time, you are asked to pay for the application for further use, and the worst part is, even if you don’t like these apps, they will keep running silently in the background. The bloatware drains your phone battery to the extent, and hence cannot be removed so easily. They eat up your valuable RAM and even clutter up your phone’s space. Bloatware has been a constant complaint for years because most smartphone users cannot get rid of them.

Remove Bloatware from Device
Remove Bloatware from Device

Remove bloatware from Non-rooted Android devices

Regrettably, mobile carriers and manufacturers do not allow uninstalling bloatware so easily. Because bloatware is hidden in your system folder, you don’t have any permission to access them. Secondly, the non-rooted Android phones don’t have any option to remove bloatware. However, you can disable the apps by following this simple process:

  • Go to your phone Settings > Apps.
  • Select the app you’d like to disable > choose Disable.
  • You will receive a prompt that states that disabling the app may malfunction your phone.
  • Click Disable app.
  • Then you will receive a message asking if you want to replace the app with the factory version.
  • Click Ok.

The latest Android 6.0 removes the app data simply by disabling the app. If you are using an older Android version, then you can easily remove the app data by going to App info > Storage > Clear data. To ensure that the app’s data is completely removed from your phone, select Force Stop, Uninstall Updates, and Clear Cache. This youtube video is also a good guide for Non-rooted devices.

Remove bloatware from Rooted Android devices

Surprisingly, the rooted Android phones support theeasy removal of the pre-installed apps or bloatware with the help of apps which are specifically developed to remove bloatware. Before I come up with the process to remove bloatware from the rooted phones, it’s necessary to learn first how to root your Android phone.KingoRootapk is a one click Android rooting solution that can root your Android phone in seconds.

To root an Android device, please follow these steps:

  • Download KingoRoot APK from
  • Go to your phone Settings > Security > enable Unknown Sources.
  • Locate the APK file and tap to run it.
  • After the app is installed, launch it.
  • Once the app launches, click ‘One Click Root’ to initiate the rooting process.
  • It will take a few seconds for your phone to root.
  • Once it is completed, you will receive a ‘Root Succeeded’ message on your screen.

Hence, your Android phone will be successfully rooted.

Now, since your phone is rooted, you are now ready to uninstall the bloatware apps.

One of the similar apps is NoBloat that lets you delete the unwanted apps those come pre-installed with your Android phone. This app lets you select the bloatware and click delete to remove it permanently from your phone. NoBloat automatically takes backup on your external storage, which can be restored any moment. This app also supports batch removal and enable the disabled system apps.

Another app is System app remover, which can remove multiple bloatware with a single click. The app is 100% safe and not to forget, it requires a rooted Android phone. The app keeps a backup of all the apps those are uninstalled so that they can be easily restored later. It classifies the system app as ‘could remove’, ‘should keep’, and ‘key module’ so that you can select evidently which app you should uninstall.

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Remember, these bloatware removal apps are completely safe and prevents malfunctioning your device. Once you uninstall a bloatware, you will no longer be able to view or access it. Even their system files will be removed from your phone, and even their logs and data. Ultimately, your phone will be set asidefor memory consumption and battery drainage, and even your phone will be no more cluttered with the unnecessary apps.

So finally you found the right solutions to remove bloatware from Android, which is 100% reliable and working.

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hmm didn’t know that system files are removed with this method. Good to know.