The One Networks – Money Making Solution for Bloggers

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Are you struggling to work on different networks to earn money?

So I am presenting you a “The One Networks” where get all basic solution to earn money.

The One Networks - Money Making Partner for Bloggers

What is The One Networks?

It’s a “All In One” network. You get the following Ad Methods to monetize: Pay-Per-Download (PPD), File Locker, Link Locker, File Sharing, Shorten URL, Displaying Ads on your website/blog.

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What they Provide?

1) Native Advertisement

2) File Hosting

3) Content Locking : File Locker & Link Locker

4) Doing Affiliate Marketing

5) Link Shortening

How to earn from it and service intro.


  • Native Advertisements Program.

As you all knows this is an easiest way to earn money from blog while display relevant ads on your blog by which you earn on every single ad impression and click you got on your blog post, its an alternative ad network then Adsense.

How are they innovative?

Their advance level developed algorithm detects visitor browsing history and display interested based advertisements  and it helps the publisher to get more click and earnings, with +6 ad size and smart displayer where its detect blog/website theme and display theme and SEO friendly designed ads.

$6+ eCPM | High CPC | Customizable Ads Design

How to earn from it?

You do need to just emend the ad code on your blog wherever you want to display their ad their advance level algorithm will track the use and display ads according to visitor interest, it will definitely increase click rate and earnings.

  • File Hosting.

Similar to Google drive, dropbox but in The One Networks you can earn money through your uploaded files whenever someone downloads your file, its payout rates are varies on different country.

How to earn from it?

Upload any file and share it onto social network, blog website and earn each time when someone download your file through you unique download URL.

Upload the files in our “File Hosting -> File Manager” Page. You can use our Drag and Drop function to upload the files easily.

How are they innovative?

Once you uploaded a file, while uploading the file it detects the file extension and set suitable landing according to the file you uploaded (this is changeable setting).

Example: If you uploaded a video then the landing will set which is made for video files by default.

  • Content Locking : File Locker & Link Locker.

Same principle as File Hosting but here uploaded file will be locked and will only can unlock when someone complete an offer/survey on download page.

How to promote it?

Its depend on you how you promote this type of content so the visitor take interest to complete the offer and unlock the file, however most blogger use blackhat method to earn from it (But its illegal).

High EPC | High CR

  • Affiliate Program.

Merchant Detail Page

This is an old marketing strategy where you refer visitors to buy products, install app, bring sales and whenever you got conversion you earn money, commission is depend on what offer you chosen to promote.

They have largest database of CPS, CPA, CPI campaign of offers to choose from.

How to make it profitable?

In The One Networks you will get deeplink functionality by which you can convert specific product link into your affiliate link, and promote it as you like and you will get 80% revenue share on every sale conversion.

They will also give Creative to make you work easy like banner, email template etc and makes promoting fun.

  • Link Shortening.

You heard bitly? The One Networks not even has this tool but also have ad landing page so you can earn money from it too.

Here the visitor has to wait 10 seconds in our Ad landing page to open the link in his browser.

How to make money from it?

Copy and Paste the links in our “Link Shorting -> Link Shorten” page. Then, share shorted link on blogs, and website to earn money.

In short — “They are providing all possible concepts to their Publishers to start earning money from Day-One. Make money with every Impression, every View, every Click, every Download, every Install, every Sale.”

My Reviews

I have used this network since 1 year and my earnings are growth by 40% there, also I found many upgrade like separate dashboard on each service which is really good see in-depth stats about your earnings.

It’s a best network for those who have such type of content on their blog and want to earn money through their content.

Q) Should bloggers join this network?

Ans) Yes, defiantly should join and try a once.

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