Mason Soiza
Mason Soiza
Lessons we can all learn from Mason Soiza’s Entrepreneurship
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By now most people have heard something of his name. And while his methods may not be to everyone’s taste there is actually a brilliant strategy placed hidden behind them.

The same strategy in fact that best selling authors like Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins has been trying to get you to understand for decades now.

Don’t believe me? Here’s just a few to prove my point.

You can’t win ’em all, but you can’t win at all if you don’t try John Shedd once said, “A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are for”. And right he was trying to get rid of the traditional 9 to 5 model of work is no easy task. After all, the risk is part of the process. Maison made his money by several means. All of which was done mostly online over a course of 10 years. Find what works and grow from there Brick-and-mortar businesses can be a very expensive operation. Maison instead chose to run each of his businesses online. The benefit of being a drastically reduced upstart cost as well as a far lower barrier to entry. After finding some form of success with his insurance company he opened others like it. Ultimately he invests continuously until one of his ventures yield a steady profit.

What else?

Stick with what you know works. Mason Soiza managed to get lucky and strike gold. That however, does not guarantee you the same luck and here’s why. Finding an in-demand Niche Maison played it smart and stuck to a strategy of playing to vices. Indeed the same strategy many stockbrokers use as well. People always have and always will need medicine. Being able to dropship the medicine directly to the buyer Maison garnered the attention of a nearly untapped market. While pharmaceutical home delivery isn’t new the availability opened up his business to a certain type of customer. Those who need medicine with little to no questions asked. After all whose business is it anyway if that’s my third bottle of Vicodin today?

Establishing yourself as an authority between his SEO business and redirecting ads, Maison was able to drive an insane amount of traffic to his websites. Sure his adverts weren’t the most appealing but he focused on presence. Just being there where others aren’t can give you a huge competitive advantage. Like Horace Smith was there to people wanting to sail to the New World. No one else would have dared take a loan from the notorious armsman of the naval fleet were it not for him showing up at the right time. Making a name for yourself builds a name for your company Maison Soiza SEO. Soiza unlimited. Frankenstein’s monster? What do they all have in common?

Aside from all being named after their creator their notoriety. Aside from those who’ve picked up a copy of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, Dr. Frankenstein and his monster have become one and the same. So much so that Frankenstein is used to referring to that category of undead monster.

The truth can be said of Soiza. In his pursuit to create the perfect SEO for his businesses he himself has become the keyword! Astounding isn’t it? Don’t be surprised if this was his plan all along. SEO experts tend to be the clever type it’s a business dominated by the crafty and quick witted.

His solid gold Lamborghini should be indeed well earned as he has earned the title of Greatest SEO expert to have ever lived.

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