GetReviewed.Org : Money Earning Platform for Bloggers

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In today’s marketing, sponsored and influencer reviews works very well in generating credibility and sales for a brand. Many big and small brands are now moving towards sponsored influence reviews on various sites and blogs instead of doing traditional efforts which are very old and doesn’t work much in today’s age. is a platform for both bloggers and advertisers. Here advertisers can find publishers for their brand and bloggers can find advertisers who will pay them in return of publishing reviews on their blogs or websites.

I am a professional blogger and I am really happy with the opportunity GetReviewed.Org is providing us. The benefit of this platform is that I will get chance to review various different businesses and also my site will get filled with informative content for which visitors are looking on internet.

How GetReviewed.Org Works ?

This platform does the work of getting advertisers and publishers with the motive of profiting both of them in the way they want. Through this website bloggers can connect to advertisers and advertisers can connect to bloggers in order to get both of their motives fulfill. Bloggers can get products and services reviews posts from advertisers through GetReviewed.Org.

GetReviewed.Org : Money Earning Platform for Bloggers
GetReviewed.Org : Money Earning Platform for Bloggers

To Maintain a standard of their platform, they have specified some criteria which a bloggers must fulfill as listed below :

  • Domain authority of blog or website must be 25 or above.
  • Blog Age must be atleast 6 months.
  • The Concerned alexa rank of the blog must be less than 2,00,000.

If you meet all these criteria then you will get approval to GetReviewed.Org. During sign up you need to provide your blog information and other related information. You can add multiple websites in one account. All websites will go through a approval process.

Fees & Payments

Fee and payment structure of GetReviewed.Org is very clear and simple.

For marketers, the signup plan has a free 7-days trial plan and after 7 days the user will be charged $9.99 as monthly subscription fee on GetReviewed.Org

There is no signup charge for bloggers. The only thing you need to do is to fulfill the eligibility criteria specified above by GetReviewed.Org. Along with the Domain Authority of Blog and Alexa rankings of the blog, a manual verification will also be done so make sure that you have a well designed and regularly updated blog with all required pages like privacy policy, about us and contact us. Bloggers will get paid after 14 days of publishing sponsored review.

Final Words

GetReviewed is a perfect platform for both Advertisers and bloggers to utilize the opportunity and profit their businesses. It is a good platform to get your brand recognized among visitors of various blogs. For bloggers it is a perfect platform to get sponsored posts so that you can also earn some additional money from your blog. Signup for the best Blog Reviews platform now.

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