Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a CV

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When you create your CV, you should always consider it your first impression. And as you probably know, you don’t get a second chance at first impressions.

Learn how to write an excellent executive resume by avoiding some of the most common CV mistakes job-seekers continue to make.

Not Proofreading the CV Properly

After the CV has been typed up and prepared, read through it carefully and check for typos or grammar issues. Because not only does it look unprofessional, it shows you don’t pay attention to details.

Not Asking Some Else to Read The CV

Make sure you are not missing any typos on the CV by asking someone else to check it as well. More importantly, ask whether they can easily read the CV without any issues.

Making the CV Too Complicated

Your CV is not meant to be a riddle that will excite potential employers. Instead, it should be drafted in such a way that even people outside your industry and generation should understand it perfectly.

Too Much Information

It’s understandable that you want your potential employers to read all the great things you can do. And you can do this, but do it strategically. This means using short sentences and sticking to the point with bullet lists. Ultimately, you want them to know about your great skills quickly and effectively.

The Length of The CV

For individuals with a lot of work experience, this is information you want to add to your CV. But at the same time, you know potential employers don’t like CVs longer than two or three pages. This is why you should arrange the CV in such a way that you can add all your experience without overwhelming the person who needs to read it.

Adding A Photo to the CV

While there are some countries that are used to receiving photos with the CV, it is generally considered useless and never recommended. But if you really want them to see a photo, provide them with a professional LinkedIn profile.

Linking to Inappropriate Social Media Profiles

If you want your peers to consider you as a professional in your industry, keep your personal social media profiles private and secure. Because it’s not going to help you get a job when the employer considers you a party animal that doesn’t care about much else.

Using Out-Dated Tactics

There are some words you will always read in a CV. For example, saying that you are a team player that can function in an individual setting as well won’t be very original. So, try to mix up your personal profile by staying away from cliches that employers don’t pay attention anymore.

The Wrong Fonts

With a CV, you want to stick to basic fonts that are easy to read and scan. Steer clear of fonts that will only frustrate the reader after a few seconds.

Missing and Out-Dated Information

Always make sure you have all the necessary details down, and that everything is up to date, especially your contact details.

Use Unique Cover Letters

Even though you are applying for several different jobs, don’t use one cover letter for all of them. Instead, personalize the cover letter to speak directly to the potential employer in question.

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