Aweber Review [2018] – Should You BUY It ? or NOT

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Welcome to the Aweber Review, In this review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at what are the pros and cons of Aweber. After mentioning and discussing all the features, service, support, pricing, etc., we’ll move on to the conclusion that should you buy it or not. Hope you like this Aweber review. Aweber also offers a free trial, by which you can evaluate Aweber for 30 Days for free.

Aweber Free Trial (30 Days)

Our Overall rating for Aweber is : 4.3 out of 5 (Based on different parameters which are explained below in this Aweber Review).

What is the Pricing of Aweber ?

Aweber offers 6 different plans depending on your list size. If you are starting from scratch, then you can start with the least plan and it’ll be automatically upgraded when you need more subscribers to be stored on your email marketing list. You can shoot unlimited emails in all the plans.

  • Hosting and Emailing 0-500 Subscribers will cost $19 per month >> See here.
  • Hosting and Emailing 501-2500 Subscribers will cost $29 per month >> See here.
  • Hosting and Emailing 2501-5000 Subscribers will cost $49 per month >> See here.
  • Hosting and Emailing 5001-10000 Subscribers will cost $69 per month >> See here.
  • Hosting and Emailing 10001-25000 Subscribers will cost $149 per month >> See here.
  • If you are having more than these numbers, then you can ask Aweber for a custom quote >> See here.

About Aweber

As we all know, Aweber is an email marketing software/platform that has over 1,00,000 customers using their service. Aweber is used for sending email campaigns, newsletters, updates to their customemers, subscribers and users by email.

Major Features of Aweber

Aweber is a feature rick email marketing software. They offers a lot of attractive and interactive features to make your campaigns better and more converting. Here is the list of features they are providing on their email marketing plans :

  1. You can import/export exisitng email list to Aweber.
  2. Aweber has over 600 email templates which makes designing campaigns very easy.
  3. Aweber allows you to setup autoresponders for instant replies and followups.
  4. All email templates on Aweber are responsive to the screen resolution.
  5. Aweber allows split / AB testing your campaigns.
  6. They have their own analytics tool integrated which gives you deep insights to your email marketing campaigns.
  7. RSS/ Blog to Email broadcasting feature.
  8. Segmentation.
  9. They offer support by Phone, Email and Live Chat too.

In this Aweber Review, we are explaining all of the above mentioned features of Aweber to help you in understanding it very well.

Aweber Free Trial (30 Days)

Existing Email List Import in Aweber

Importing an existing database into Aweber is a very easy and simple process. You just need to upload file to aweber and it’ll be processed into your account. File formats available for import are like XLS, XLSX, TSV, CSV, TXT. One can also copy and paste users information to aweber in order to import them to your aweber account for shooting campaigns to them.

After or while importing contacts/subscribers to the list, you’ll get the option of tagging them and creating autoresponders for them. For some anti-spam reasons, you’ll be asked some questions that from where you collected the list of subscribers which you are uploading.

As per our experience, importing feature of aweber works really very well and no complaints were found against this feature.

Aweber – Email Marketing Templates

If we compare it to it’s competitors, then aweber is providing the largest no. of email marketing templates. There are 700+ email marketing templates available on Aweber to be used for free, without any limitations and further payments.

Aweber Review - Aweber Email Marketing Templates
Aweber Review – Aweber Email Marketing Templates

Honestly speaking, i don’t like all the 700+ templates, few of them are outdated. But the collection is better than Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

Aweber, also have given a HTML editor where you can code your own templates. You can also customize those 700+ inbuilt templates as per to your need.

Aweber Free Trial (30 Days)

You also have a designer, which helps you in creating your email template without need of any professional skill. Anyone can design a template for their subscribers with Aweber.

Autoresponders – Aweber Review

So, if you don’t know what are autoresponders, then see here. Autoresponders are a series of follow up emails which are sent instantly and automatically to the pre-defined user at scheduled time.

Aweber claims that they introduced autoresponders in late 1998,, their autoresponders quality is pretty okay. They work fine and delivery time is good.

On aweber, it is very easy to setup autoresponders. You can easily setup automated replies with the help of autoresponders to make user interested in your mail. It saves a lot of time for you.

Responsive Email Designs & Templates

Aweber leads the list of having maximum responsive design email templates. Unlike mad mimi, notably, etc. Aweber has all of their templates as responsive email templates. This means that you can use all of them to send to any of the device. It’ll resize themselves according to the screen resolution on which it is being opened.

Split Testing in Aweber

Split testing is popularly knows as A/B testing. This feature is very well integrated in Aweber. It allows you to create different variants of same campaign in your account and then to measure that which one is performing better. It shows all the analytics about the campaign so that you can see that which one is performing better.

Aweber Free Trial (30 Days)

You can create 4 variants of the same campaign in Aweber. Where Mailchimp allows you to create only 3 copies, Campaign Monitor allows 2 copies and Mad Mimi doesn’t allow split testing at all.

Reporting & Analytics

Email reporting and analytics in Aweber is really awesome. You are able to monitor key stats like open rate, clickthroughs, bounce rate, etc. We have tried their analytics tool during our Aweber Review There are many more attractive features available in Aweber Email Analytics such as :

  1. Growth of the list over time.
  2. Singup methods used for collecting users.
  3. Geographic location of email being opened.
  4. Analytics for each and every user.
  5. and many more…..

RSS to Email Broadcasting

This is a unique email marketing solution. You just need to submit your RSS feed url to Aweber and it’ll automatically broadcast your latest content from feed by email to the subscribers. You can also define schedule time for the feeds to be sent to your subscribers.

Aweber Review – How is Support Quality ?

Support of Aweber is one of the most stand-out feature of their service. Phone, Email and Live Chat, all support is available for users on aweber. Their support is way better than any of their competitor.

You don’t have to search anywhere for the support, just go to their contact us page and you’ll get all the support information there. You can also find live chat option on the bottom of the page when you are logged into your account.

Conclusion of this Aweber Review

I really hope that you liked this Aweber Review so far. But if still above information isn’t sufficient for you then here are the pros and cons of aweber.

Pros of Aweber

  • Aweber is one of the easiest email marketing tool.
  • Their pricing is very fair and reasonable.
  • Easiest Import/Export facility.
  • Good number of third party tools integration available.
  • 700+ Email templates, which are much more than any of its competitor.
  • Easiest and feature rich settings of autoresponders.
  • All responsive email templates.
  • 4 variants for split testing.
  • Strong analytics and reporting.
  • Data segmentation and export is easy.
  • Support is really awesome.

Cons of Aweber

  • There are cheaper options available than Aweber.
  • Some of their email marketing templates are outdated.

Overall, we must say that aweber is a well performing tool for email marketing. It is easy to use, reasonably priced and support is very good.

You can try aweber for 30 days without paying anything. Do comment below if you have any questions or want to ask anything else regarding digital marketing.

Aweber Free Trial (30 Days)

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