Our Official Bluehost Review

Here we are presenting our official review of Bluehost’s hosting services. As we think you all or may be don’t know that Bluehost is one of the best and most popular hosting provider in the world.

From a long duration, for those who want to make a website on WordPress of their own, WordPress has officially recommended Bluehost. After being bought by Endurance International Group in year 2013, Bluehost’s opinion in internet world began to change. Endurance International Group is one of the big corporations that owns many or even dozens of Hosting companies. And then, Internet argued on what makes Bluehost the best hosting services provider.

During our bluehost review, we saw that bluehost is an perfect hosting provider when it comes to the customer service and uptime. To fix your problems in a little time, Bluehost also have Live Chat feature with their ticket support system which solves a ticket on an average time of 3 hours. Server response time of Bluehost was also pretty decent.

About Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the biggest and most trusted hosting providers for every form of businesses. Bluehost holds a very important and solid role in web hosting industry. Bluehost was founded by Matt heaton and Danny Ashworth in year 2003 in December. Within four years, they get to manage over 5,00,000 websites on their servers.  Till the year 2017, there are massive 2 millions websites are hosted over their dependable servers.

Bluehost is based in Wasatch Mountains of Utah. The datacenter of Bluehost has over 700 employees to maintain proper working of their servers for a perfect customer experience.

Bluehost would have seen this success because of their great services and rightful things from a long time. Not only their hosting services are the cheapest, they too have various hosting plans for every type of usage and customer. Their user interface is also easy to operate for both the beginners and advanced users. Ok, let’s now get onto the Bluehost hosting review.

What our Bluehost test revealed

While we were preparing for the test of Bluehost hosting services, we set up 3 hosting accounts with dozens of websites working live to see how the Bluehost’s server responds.

In the overall performance, we found that websites on shared hosting platforms had excellent uptime scores and response time from the server was excellent. Here, we will get in the details of each:


We used UptimeRobot on our website to monitor that how many time the website go down, for some long time or even for just a minute. Here are our results:

Bluehost Server Uptime

Our results included 12 websites monitored over a 30 day period, 2 of the websites are gaining perfect 100% score. As for the period of downtime, they tended to be in the middle of the night and lasted less than a minute.

So, Bluehost has an uptime score of 99.84% which is probably the best and puts Bluehost in very good category for hosting providers. It means that when your website is hosted with Bluehost, suppose a user some to visit your website, it will load 99.84% of time. However, we all know that it is impossible to get 100% uptime on a shared hosting plan.

Dedicated servers and VPS are significantly more expensive. That’s why for most of us, shared hosting is really good and reliable. As the industry standard stands around 98%, a score of 99.84% uptime is way more than good and appreciable.